Expression of a Grateful Heart

Holistic Solutions for Realistic challenges

Expression of a Grateful Heart...
wordless healing experience expressed in words

“A very good friend of mine
who was always many steps ahead of me in the search for truth
recommended I have a session
with a breathwork master and healer called Satish.

I walked into my first session 10 years ago and
still, go for sessions regularly today.
During my time there I have experienced
magic, breakthroughs, laughter, tears, understanding,
realization, healing, and growth.
I consider Satish a friend that I cherish and love as well as a teacher
that I respect and have learned so much from.

Though I still have a long way to go, I have come a long way too and
I owe a lot of that to Satish for helping me develop the tools
to do true inner work on myself.
I am more level-headed and less reactive to things than ever before.
I have learned a number of ways on which to meditate and calm my mind.
Though there are so many great techniques, Satish teaches,
my personal favorite is breathwork
which has changed the inner workings of my mind and
ultimately given me the ability to heal, find peace and clarity.

I am forever grateful for Satish's friendship,
a generous spirit, mastery of breath, meditation, and healing.”

Mams Taylor, Mams Taylor Music

“Satish is a magician for your soul.
He has the ability to listen with an open heart
and offer his wisdom in a way that sinks in.
He resets your mind and body as he can heal from the inside out.
Every session I’ve had with him has left a lasting impression
that has uplifted me and raised my vibration.
His healing is the best gift you can give yourself.”
Hedy Nazarian, founder,

“Satish is a magical human being.
Satish’s timeless wisdom and extraordinary vitality
have taught me so much about life and about myself.
I am so incredibly grateful to him for guiding me
through some of the most difficult times of my life here in Los Angeles.
Satish and his healing work have truly been gifts in my life
that I hold very close to my heart.”
Emma Barrett, Filmmaker, Los Angeles

“Satish is the real deal.
As a fully awakened being,
(or...As a being who has transcended ego),
his perspectives are often wiser than most.
Working with him, I’ve gone into the deepest meditations
I’ve ever experienced,
helping me to strengthen my meditation practice in general and
giving me more confidence in my ability overall.
I always feel a little lighter and clearer after working with him.
And when I really want to shift a belief,
he helps to plant powerful new life-affirming ones that
I notice stand the test of time.”
Allison S. Experiential Events, Los Angeles

“Time spent with you has helped my relationships,
my understanding of myself, and
provided spiritual as well as physical healing.
You share great insights and
also, have an amazing and contagious sense of humor.
Time spent with you always goes to fast, and
I look forward to seeing you again very soon.
I’m very fortunate to have met you.”
Rick Lynch, Co-founder, and partner at BLT communications

“I have known Satish for many years and
his guidance and healing have helped me and many of my closest friends
move through and past many challenging experiences.
When I have a session with him
I usually arrive with a heavy heart and mind and
when I leave I feel as if I have been energetically and mentally replenished.
I am so grateful that he has chosen to share his gifts with all of us.”
Ada M. Financial Advisor, Los Angeles

“I have taken both
the 3-day and 7-day chakra meditation workshops with Satish,
as well as numerous private sessions.
He is a master healer and
the wisdom and breathing techniques he shares
are easily applicable to all aspects of life.
Profound and lasting changes will happen
when you spend time with Satish,
and continue to happen after you part ways.
It is really amazing.”
Amy Chang, Acupuncturist

“Satish is a blessing in the greatest sense of the word.
His wisdom is perspective changing and his peaceful energy is contagious.
The treatments themselves bring an overwhelming sense of calm.
They slow my energy down, bring me back into my body and
allow me to connect to a higher version of myself.
Satish is kind, intuitive and
makes you feel like you’ve found a long lost friend.
He is a comfort to the soul.”
Jud Tyler, actress, Los Angeles

“Satish is truly a master energy healer.
I am someone who has blockages experiencing emotions
such as grief due to my upbringing
that showing emotion is a sign of weakness.
Satish helped me to open up my energy centers and
release all the emotions left unacknowledged for years.
After my sessions with him, I feel like I've been reborn.
It is hard to explain and
it can only be shared for one to experience it for him/herself.
I am very fortunate to have Satish as a teacher and friend.”
Andrew Tse

“I found Satish when I was stuck
inside a turbulent emotional roller coaster,
and was gently guided to the light.
He really helped get me centered and calm.
I go back from time to time for tune-ups,
and love just being in his presence,
as it brings light and happiness to my whole being.
Satish, thanks for all you do!”
Line Postmyr, Swedish Producer

“I first visited Satish over ten years ago.
I was feeling drained and dark.
Through his healing work, Satish leaves me feeling light and alive.
He is a great source of comfort and healing.
I highly recommend his healing sessions.”
Julie Nievas Barajas, Produce Sales Assistant, Fullerton, CA

“I have been coming to Satish for years for energy work.
He is a kind and compassionate person
who has a nurturing touch with his clients.
He is very professional, knowledgeable and focused.
Above all, I feel safe in his care.
I know I am in good hands when he is doing his work on me.
Satish is the real deal.
I feel blessed to have been referred to him by a friend, and
I would highly recommend him.”
Amy Rose

“Satish is not only a healer, he is a light in the dark corners of this world,
he is a great listener, he is a joy to be around, he is loyal and consistent,
he is an anchor to being grounded,
he is a teacher, a guide, an inspiration, he is my friend.

The universe led me to Satish, many years ago and
i am so grateful that my heart was open enough to receive
the gifts he had to give in that moment.

A session with Satish is to be healed on many levels.
Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
It begins by leaving the stress and confusion and
the busyness of life behind as you enter into his inner sanctum.
Dimly lit, the sound of gently running water,
a welcome smile and open arms.
A level of peace and calm washes over you and
you feel like you can finally take a breath and let it all go.
You feel welcome, safe, comforted and protected.

It begins with a talk.
Either you talk and he listens or
you engage in the deepest purest conversation with each other,
hearts and minds connected.
Immediately you are able to tell him your worries, your problems,
ask him the answers you seek.
He has an ability to make you see things from a different perspective,
to help you discover answers within your self and
in a very non-judgmental, safe way.
There is no clock to watch, no pressure, no expectations, no set direction.
It is organic and led by your needs alone.

Once you have connected in this way and
decided how the session will move forward,
He designs a healing session to cater to your specific needs.
all you need to do is trust, follow direction and
relax and let go in the deepest way, he will do the rest.
Every session I have ever experienced has been profound for me and
i have left with a newfound sense of self and grounding.
Feeling calm and centered and lighter in some way.

Satish is such a beautiful human.
He has dedicated his life's journey to helping others and
spends his time helping, healing and working on himself.
He is selfless in his mission to help others and
spread love and peace in this chaotic world.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is time and connection,
to stop for a moment and be in the moment.
Satish allows you to do this, even if just for an hour or so.
Do not hesitate, if you all you need is a just a little solace, or
you need help with deep-rooted issues or
changing ingrained patterns or habits, or
just to connect with an empathetic person,
I suggest you run to see Satish as soon as he can fit you in.”

Clare Turton

“I’ve had my spiritual adviser Satish
for many years now nearly a decade.
I’ve been through major highs in business and
like in the stock market lows.
He’s been my major rock in my career path,
he’s walked me off the ledge a few times.
Thank god for Satish,
he’s advised me through this industry
through his bodywork and healing.
He’s helped bring the best out of me,
When others have thrown rocks and pebbles.
Satish has been my saving grace!
I don’t ever utter the word fear and failure
because I am surrounded by strength and LIGHT!
He understands my vibrational force in this world and
helps reinforce that strength and allows me to create a stronger me.
This is why Satish is and always will be my advisor through life!”
Mylah Morales, Celebrity makeup artist, and owner, Mylah Beauty

“Satish is an amazing healer and intuitive.
Whenever I feel like I am facing a situation without solutions or
that I need information I don't have to make the next move,
he is able to unblock and give clarity and
guide me to a place of openness and calm where we can come to a solution.”
Ginge Cox, Technicolor Recordist @ Paramount

“My energy sessions with Dear Satish were transformative and healing.
Some began with fresh ginger, turmeric, beet and
fresh vegetable smoothies
ushered me into a clearing space to lay on the healing table that,
leave the baggage behind and open to receiving the crystals that
would be placed on key points of my body
to facilitate openings for our work.
On almost every occasion
I saw Satish illuminated by a green iridescent Light
as he guided breath work and energy healing.
It was hard to believe my eyes and looking around the room
I could find no special effects gadgetry to explain the Light
I witnessed emanating from him.
I closed my eyes allowing myself to just receive his gift—making
a decision to allow his energy to work through me.
Every session was so healing.
But I will share a specific experience I remember most
as it had an immense impact on me.
After breathing a good while at Satish’s direction,
I was somehow transported to Ancient Greece
where I was clearly a person of stature saying goodbye to my mother.
It felt so profoundly real.
I experienced staying goodbye to an aspect of my mom
I needed to let go of with deep love and understanding.
It was like an exorcism of sorts and
an internal realignment that was so deeply healing.
When it was complete,
I awoke tearing, then weeping, then giggling
like on pot that evolved into
me belly laughing hysterically on the floor and
rolling around laughing nonstop for at least 40 minutes like a kid!
I am not kidding!
It was such a clearing- an amazing release of old energy and
Satish was guiding me safely and lovingly through the whole experience -
On the floor with me laughing the whole time.
I moved something powerful through me that I needed to let go of.
That was just one experience with the Green Light Man!
Thank you dearest Satish who ends every session with a loving hug
from a sage and teacher
devoted to helping us clear the dark to make room for Light.
Love you Satish!”
Giselle Fernandez, Businesswoman, activist, journalist

“My experience with Satish is inspiring.
The relaxation, the discovery, the healing...all beautiful.
I’m so grateful such a soul exists here in Los Angeles and
is able to share the energy.”
Christa, Santa Monica, Entrepreneur

“Satish has truly been a blessing in my life.
I met Satish a decade ago during a turbulent time.
Through breathing techniques and other centering practices,
I was able to re-center and begin a new journey of joy and manifestation.”
Troy Carter

“I first visited Satish during a sad and difficult phase of my life.
His soft and warm demeanor made me feel safe immediately.
There was a spiritual energy in his space.
The time I spent with Satish was the first step on a path that
led to a life-changing transformation.
I trust him so much that a year later
I brought my eight-year-old daughter to him
when she was acting out in school.
He taught us both a very valuable life lesson in one session.
He is a healer with a pure heart and pure intentions.”
Ivory Tifa

“I had my first session with Satish in 1999.
I was dealing with issues of lack of focus, anxiety and low self-esteem.
I had never tried any kind of alternative healing before.
Satish got to the source of my issue with laser precision and
cleared much of the pain and shame
I had been carrying from childhood trauma.
After our session, I experienced life with greater clarity and joy.
It felt like I was waking up to my Authentic Self,
having been reconnected to Source flowing freely
through chakras that had been cleared of their Karmic residue.
Over the years I’ve continued working with Satish
for clarity and clearing.
I’m so grateful for his kindness and generosity and
his wonderful gift of healing.”
Nicole Cannon, Actor/Writer, Los Angeles

“I met Satish when I was in a place in my life where
I was going through some personal struggles.
I was also having "writer's block" and
felt like I couldn't find "my voice' at that time as well.
It was very frustrating, especially with my profession and
Satish was able to open my Chakras, and
help clear this "blockage" and
the overall sadness I felt during our session.
He also helped me see things in a different light
regarding the conflict and struggles, I was experiencing
with some very great advice, he gave me
which I still practice to this day.

I am very grateful to have such
a beautiful, gentle, and kind soul like Satish in my life.
He is truly gifted and
this gift he has shared with me has been life-changing.
I will always hold a special place for Satish in my heart!”

Raquel Aurilia, Singer/Songwriter, Phoenix, AZ

“Satish is a magical and wise man,
he has a beautiful calm, caring energy and his healing work is powerful.
I've had huge shifts and energetic releases working with him.
I visit every time I'm in LA and am so thankful for his beautiful work. Thanks!”
Joanna Turner, Digital Nomad, Spiritual Success Coach

“A friend of mine referred me to Satish and I didn’t know what to expect.
I can honestly say from the moment I met him, I felt comfortable.
The healing sessions I’ve experienced with him
have been truly life-changing.
One session with Satish felt like
I released about 20 years of emotional baggage.
It’s hard to put into words the way you feel after a session with Satish.
You leave on an emotional, physical and spiritual high.
His words of wisdom ring in my head,
and they are words I’ll never forget.
I feel so blessed that I met Satish. Thank you, Satish!!”
Stacy B. Registered Nurse, Roseville, CA

“If I could sit with Satish every day, I would.
To be in the presence of someone
who has such a deep understanding of life has been a treasure to me.
Our conversations have opened up a whole new understanding for me
and allowed me to let go of so many things that were holding me back.
The healing for me has not only happened with the energy work
but with the wisdom and universal truths, he has shared with me.
After our meetings, I feel complete and enriched,
vibrating at a higher frequency
and all I want to do is share that love with everyone in my life. . .
from my family and friends to the audiences at my shows.
I am truly blessed to have come across such a bright light.
Thank you for doing what you do.”
Joseph Eid, Musical Artist

“I found Satish through a good friend 10 years ago
while living and working in Los Angeles.
I was 25 years old and like most of us, a bit lost
yet intuitively knowing I was in need of some guidance and change.
At the time I was 'east coast' skeptical of healers
but I was open for a go to try a healing session
after that great recommendation from a good friend.
I remember leaving my first session and feeling different and in sync.
My heart and mind open, my breathing healthier and
positive energy flowing into all areas of my life.
I noticed a shift in my energy and
became so much more aware of the world around me and
noticed others gravitating towards me as well.
I knew after that first session that
i received an extremely special experience that day.
Satish is a true healer but not only that,
he is also a teacher and inspiration.
His guidance and work has truly transformed my life
in more ways than I can say.
Satish is not only a healer,
he is a teacher that will guide you become your own healer
in all aspects of your life.
He is just a gem of a human and the real deal.
If you feel a calling for change...Just go!”
Laura Correa, Owner - Green Revolution Skin Studio,
Bethesda, Maryland

“Satish has been my healer and spiritual advisor since 2003.
During this time he has helped my family and me
through many ups and downs of life
including illnesses, child custody matters, the death of a loved one,
the passing of beloved pets, weddings, births, graduations
and many other life celebrations.
Through the years,
his guidance and sage wisdom have been a grounding force
for my family and me.
Satish is an authentic and caring person
who has always been willing to help.
He has spent countless hours praying for my family and me
during difficult times and
has always been able to accurately predict
the outcome of our life situations.
He has become cherished and loved part of our family.

In Satish’s own quiet and unassuming way,
to me, he is actually bigger than life.
There is a stillness and depth to his being.
He exudes love, wisdom, and joyfulness.
Satish’s connection to the spiritual world is astounding to me.
Whenever I’m around him, it feels like
he has one foot in this world and one foot in other dimensions.
He seems able to pull in a brilliant life force energy
which makes me feel wonderfully optimistic and peaceful.

The range of services Satish has offered my family and me
through the years include healing illnesses,
vibrational psychic guidance, spiritual classes, meditations,
chakra healing, past life regressions and spiritual counseling.
I highly recommend Satish
for anyone seeking a genuine guide in their lives.”

Diane Palumbo, Retired Executive, Westlake Village, CA
Currently running a private charity for Collies and Shelties

“Satish is one of the smartest, intuitive people I have ever known.
He has an uncanny ability to see what one needs and
go right to it in order to effect healing.
After a session with Satish
I always come away feeling brighter, happier and healthier.
He is able to see the beauty and light in another and
with his techniques, he helps to reveal that so one can be one's best self.”

Carol Surface, Artist, Beverly Hills

“Satish has been one of the biggest influences on my life -
personally and professionally.
My first encounter was in 2010 on one of his Los Angeles Trainings.
I flew there from Germany without any expectations
and quite some doubt,
since I’m generally open to new experiences
but also very critical and skeptical.
As a full-time therapist and trainer,
I’ve met too many false gurus over the years,
preaching water, drinking wine,
putting up a big show with no real substance.
Well, it’s safe to say that my skepticism transformed
from the very first minute on, and for a very valid reason:
Satish has a true grasp of the deeper meaning of healing and spirituality.
At the same time, he’s soundly rooted in real life,
not playing the guru,
but skillfully combining the healing arts with
common sense and a sound mind.
I’ve embarked on many more encounters ever since,
enjoying the deeply touching power of individual sessions
(that cannot be described in mere words, and need to be experienced)
and soaking up wisdom and compassion on his training
in Los Angeles as well as in London, Munich, and even India.
Having spent some considerable time with Satish,
I can attest to the fact that he’s the real deal -
living what he’s preaching - with a lot of freedom and pragmatism,
and with a level of skill and elegance,
that’s far above anything else that I’ve experienced so far.
I recommend him to any of my students and colleagues
that search for something more in their work,
moving away from mere techniques,
looking for a way to become a skilled artist at coaching or healing.”
Olf Stoiber, Munich, Germany
1st President of the German Association for Hypnosis
CEO of Hypnovita Coaching, Therapy & Training

“I was really scared to go to my first session with Satish,
but when I arrived I felt a sense of ease.
His healing space was so peaceful.
It was a little like being at my grandma’s house.
I felt safe, supported, cared for, understood, and loved.
There was no judgment.
The gift of his complete and utter presence was profound.
What I received from him in that first session is unexplainable!
I’ve had numerous sessions since and
even participated in his Kriya Shakti and Chakra Healing classes.
Through all of it, he has helped me peel off layers and layers of BS and
opened up spaces that I never even knew existed.
He’s helped me transform my life in ways I never imagined,
and he’s helped me embrace my true self.
He’s guided me, counseled me, inspired me,
and taught me so many beautiful lessons
especially about self-love, kindness, and compassion.
Many of my friends and family members have had sessions with him too.
And they have all experienced different breakthroughs in their lives.
He’s helped so many people … it’s unbelievable!
Satish is truly an angel in disguise. Infinitely grateful,”

“I saw Satish first time for a chakra healing session and it was amazing!
Afterwards, I felt my body and cells tingling with energy and
I felt as though any stuck body energy had shifted.
Then I came to Satish for a few seminars and what I received
was a total change of life.
The information you receive here is not
what we tend to think of as external knowledge.
Here you receive information from deep within
to help guide you to be the best person you can be.
If you have questions
that just don't seem to be answered by your everyday life,
this is the place.”

“Satish has helped me in so many ways
especially in the areas of spiritual growth and meditation.
Each session with Satish has been an amazing experience for me.
I was introduced to Satish over ten years ago and
since that time he has helped me create balance in every area of my life.
Thank you, Universe for Satish!!!!!”
Davida Colona, Wardrobe Stylist, Costume Designer, Los Angeles

“I was referred to Satish by a friend and
healer who felt that his work with reconnecting energy in the body
would be good for me. She was so very right.
Satish’s powerful gift of intuition
went right to the matter that blocked the flow of energy in my body.
I will always remember my first session with Satish.
He really helped me to face the pain that was attacking my heart.
And then he helped me to just let go.
I was better for the journey ahead of me and grateful to have met him.”
Rickie Byars Beckwith

I'm sometimes in tears with gratitude for
what you have given me in my life when I realize
that those seeds you planted actually do grow and
change my life forever.......”
Marta Kristi

“Satish is the flux between the mind, body, and soul.
He helps integrate one’s internal work with the external forces at play.
He’s a human smoothie - a great combination of
teacher, therapist, listener, motivator and soul masseuse.
Satish has an important and impactful seat on my life Board of Directors.”
Mark M, Film and Television Producer, Beverly Hills, CA

“Dear Satish,
I am writing this as a thank you letter for all your support.
When I first met you my life was not as bright as it is today.
I not only found espouse in you but
also a mentor and a friend for life.
I believe we meet people for a reason throughout our life journey,
and I am forever grateful our life paths have crossed.
There will always be a special place for you in my life.
I believe that your wisdom would be helpful
for anyone out there who needs some light and peace in their mind.
Thank you for always being next to me and supporting me.
Thank you for bringing the light back into my life.”
Love, Kameliya

“Many years ago,
I attended a festival called Burning Man with my father.
It was a time for us to try to make up for a messy history,
clean up the past and to create new lovely experiences together.
We came across a workshop Satish was teaching
where we were guided through a process of cleaning each other's chakras.
My father isn't into esoterics or alternative healing at all,
so i was thrilled that he agreed to do it with me.
Satish had such a fantastic way of bringing us
step by step through the process.
Since my father and I probably have likely been
the cause for some energy blocks left in those chakra areas,
it was incredible to have a chance to go in and remove some.
I found it to be such a powerful thing for us to do with one another.
From the moment we left the workshop,
we were swept into a huge dust storm
filled with incredible adventures that
spiritually brought us closer together and
ended up with a gorgeous double rainbow.”
Stardust Magick, Artist, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Satish’s loving, wise, and magical essence is a gift to this world.
I received a few of his healing sessions and they were unforgettable.
Because Satish embodies the infinite,
he can hold space for anything and everything.
I came to him at a time when I was suffering from anxiety and
I walked away feeling incredibly peaceful and alive.
I love that he incorporates Neuro-linguistic programming
with energy healing, it is a very powerful combination.
Thank you, Satish from the bottom of my heart
for your presence in my life and the work that you did!”
Cristina L. Teacher consultant, Kauai

“The depth of healing I experienced shifted layers of fear
I carried in my body.
The work I did affect me on such a deep level
that my body has continued to open and
feel into the world with less fear.
I am forever grateful for the help along my journey.”
Lindsay Doering, physical therapist, Kentucky

“I am truly honored to have known my guru Master Satish for several years.
His healing sessions are like an oasis of peace in this rushing world.
Master Satish helped me to get through dark and
challenging times in my life.
He’s helped me greatly to heal my heart and soul.
I consider him to be a huge specialist in the world of healing and
in the matters of the soul.
I thank him from the bottom of my heart for everything he’s done for me.
I highly recommend his healing sessions with NLP and seminars,
led with heart and personal attention to each participant.
I wish everybody could meet my enlightened friend Satish
for at least a few moments.”
With love and respect,
Olga Lounova, Prague, Czech Republic
Singer, Songwriter, Race car driver

“Satish has a special gift to share with us all.
When you walk into his space, you can feel the magic.
He listens with an open heart,
and as soon as your session is complete,
you will feel as if you are walking on the clouds,
completely light and cleansed.
We are luckier to have him in our lives.”
Leah Y. Ceo & Founder Côte,

“Satish is the earthly embodiment of a deity,
the most kind hearted, considerate and caring man.
Meeting him 13 years ago changed my life in the most profound way.
We have had many sessions together,
each one amazing and transformative,
with something different to deal with/life issues that
needed advice, support, and guidance.
In these sessions, Satish would not finish until everything was resolved,
working late into the evening, such is his commitment.
I have also attended several of his week-long classes
which have accelerated my growth and taught me so many new skills and
ways to live my life peacefully and with grace.
After all our work and years together
I consider Satish a close friend as well as my greatest teacher,
we have shared so many chapters and
known each other in a variety of circumstances.
I feel sad remembering how bad my life was when we first met.
I am now happily married to my soul mate,
we have a beautiful 8-month-old daughter.
I live a blissful life with joy and peace in my heart,
blessed with good health and abundance in all areas.
There is no void or lack. Satish is the reason why.
If you are reading this it might be because
things aren’t going so well for you in your life,
it’s ok, we’ve all been there, you will get through it.
If you were my friend I would hold your hand and
take you to see Satish
but seeing as we haven’t met yet
all I can hope is that my words will inspire you.
I truly hope your journey brings you to him,
it will be the greatest blessing of your life.”

Angela Oakenfold

“My sessions with Satish opened up
a whole new universe and dimension for me.
Satish was the spiritual navigator on my maiden voyage
into a new grateful and present reality.”
Gil W, Grateful Soul, Los Angeles

“Walking in to visit Satish for the first time,
a sense of joy washed over me immediately.
His uplifting, kind energy fills the room.
He is not only intuitive,
he is extremely genuine and full of love.
Somehow everything I needed to say,
consciously or not, poured out of me.
I left feeling a euphoria unlike any I had experienced before in my life,
an elation and a lightness that I cannot describe,
and a smile that lasted for days.
Satish is a kind, generous and loving spirit
whose sessions have all felt organic, healing and magical for me.
He is a wonderful person and energy healer
with very relatable, down-to-earth insights.
I am so grateful to have found him.
When you visit Satish, you will immediately feel safe,
like you found your oldest, most familiar friend.
What a gift.”
Lauren Paonessa

“I first visited Satish because I had read a great deal
about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and
was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and
was starting to get depressed.
From my first session, I started to feel better and
continued to visit Satish for several years after,
even when I moved away from Los Angeles.
Satish has a great talent for identifying his client's specific needs.
It almost feels like time does not exist when in session,
as he reaches the deeper parts of an individual need to be healed most.
Because of the work that I did with Satish, my life changed completely.
I really learned what it was that I wanted to do and
I found the courage to pursue it and
to end negative thought and emotional patterns.
Frankly speaking, he really helped me to cut through
a lot of mental and emotional garbage
that I wasn't even consciously aware of,
but that was definitely holding me back.
I don't think that I would be where I am today,
had it not been for my time with Satish.
Of course, healing is a lifelong journey,
because humans grow and change constantly.
As I approach another exciting crossroads in my journey,
I look forward to traveling back to L.A. to work with Satish once more.”
Veronika, Global Communications Strategist

“Satish is a kind, loving soul with incredible wisdom.
I’ve had a few sessions with him and
each time I walk away with so much insight
that I have to write it all down so I don’t forget.
He is very generous with his time and energy, and
truly cares about the well being of anyone who comes to see him.
His healing space is magical.
He has a very high vibration and
a beautiful environment with plenty of lovely candles.
The bodywork he does is also very special.
I have felt the energy moving in my body while he has worked on me.
I highly recommend Satish
if you are trying to heal from any challenges or
make any major shifts in your life.”
Sirsa Shekim, recording artist and writer

“Tools, techniques, presence, absence, silence and
most of all his love...
all that he has been and has shared continues to heal me
each moment of my life as my guiding light.

Ever since childhood I have been fortunate to be around Satish sir and
he has played the most instrumental role in my life thus far,
he’s been masterfully planting seeds in my being continually and
they each blossom or come to my rescue at various stages
healing many aspects of my life,
I don’t fully understand what he does when he does it and
it takes me time to realize the depth of his ways
but when it does hit me I am left speechless,
such immense love, I have never experienced.


My biggest healing came about when sir used “total silence” with me,
I still remember I felt devastated and I would write lengthy emails,
lost in my unconscious world of misery,
patterns and behaviors thinking this would never end,
this divorce phase would kill me and
I would get just 1 response from him “silence”
at that time i had lost myself completely,
I was aching, longing for the reconnection with myself and
it felt like even he disowned me, I was left all to myself,
I went the whole circle of being in victim mode
to angry to recluse to the hermit to wanderer and
tried to knock every possible path and door
to get me out my miserable self and nothing worked and
it felt bad until I realized how silly was I...
and how painful it must have been for sir
to see me in such deep pain and keep that silence,
to hold that loving healing space for me,
to have that trust that the seeds he had planted in me would sprout,
how deeply he loved and trusted that I would “come back”
that I would stand up again and not let the situation win over me...
his silence made me believe I could do it...
He has armed me with everything already and
trusted that I could find my way back to myself,
with his grace I did!
And I remember as soon as this happened
as soon as I came to my senses,
to holding myself back together again,
he was right there waiting to guide me further...
With his healing and loving guidance, I keep digging and peeling layers!
No matter what happens in life,
I never lose this connection with myself
that I have found since then,
The way home has gotten closer to me,
the bounce back time from anything in life has reduced and
criteria for anything in life now has become just a “feather light heart”. It’s all thanks to him, his healing & his teachings!

When I look back I see him holding this loving healing space for me
ever since I can stretch my memory and remember every step of the way.
A heart-centered beloved Master and guiding light,
am eternally grateful to Satish sir,
words can’t do justice to explain how I feel,
beyond the beyond the beyond
that’s how the power of his love and healing presence is and
I am blessed and fortunate to receive it fully.

May sir always be blessed to continue his work in this world and
keep inspiring, igniting the sleeping spark in every being
who crosses his path.
Thank you thank you thank you”

Neha Lohia, Student for life

“Satish is my savior!
I started seeing him when I was in a very hard and dark time in my life
where I was depressed and searching for answers, for help!
Satish helped me as much mentally as physically.
between the deep talks and the bodywork it was the perfect combination!
Satish is one of a kind ...I have learned so much from him!
Today I am happy and I’m in a very good and healthy place.
thank you, my dear friend!”
Barbara, celebrity groomer, Los Angeles

“The first time I came to see Satish a good friend brought me.
I remember meeting him and walking into his space and
feeling such a sense of calm and peace.
I am a licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer.
I have had my own private practice for over 16 years.
My job takes a lot out of me.
Doing healing work can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting.
Satish sat me down and looked into my eyes and
said, "Beautiful Sunshine, what brings you here today?"
I felt a flood of emotion because I've had a lot of trauma in my life and
even though I've done a lot of healing work on myself
there was still much to do and I know I needed guidance and
real healing work on a much deeper level.
I felt safe, supported, and intuitively knew
that Satish was someone I could trust and his special energy
already made me feel healed just by being in his presence.
We did chakra balancing work, also some talk therapy,
and we also got up and moved our body and laughed and danced.
I knew I had much to learn from Satish.
One healing experience in particular sticks out to me.
About five years ago,
I got a sudden divorce that hit me like a freight train and
I was completely blind blindsided!
I did not see it coming
nor did I know how much deception was in my marriage.
I came to Satish with a heart that was broken into 1 million pieces.
I was suffering so much and could not stop crying for months on end.
I was struggling to just wake up every day and function.
He Listened with his whole heart and
then proceeded to do some deep chakra balancing.
As he worked on my heart chakra and my solar plexus
I could feel the space in my body opening up and releasing so much!
I got a vision that I was supported and loved and
everything was going to be OK.
A couple of months later
a lot of my pain and suffering started to turn around.
My finances started to open up and flow with ease and
I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
There are really no words of how much gratitude and
the love I have for Satish!
He is a true healer and friend.
From the first moment I met him and worked with him
I knew I would have a long friendship and mentor in my life.
I have worked with Satish for almost 10 years now.
I have sent so many of my clients, friends,
and people I have met that I know could benefit from his healing work.
He has helped so many people and
is dedicated to his life's work to heal this planet.
I have the utmost respect for Satish and
my life has been blessed in knowing him and calling him a friend.”
Sunshine, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Healer

“Satish is truly a gifted, compassionate healer.
I have been working with Satish for awhile and
I am truly grateful and blessed to know him!
Satish is not just a gifted healer but a great master that
I consider one of my truest friend in the Universe!!
having experienced a constant stream of psychic attack
these past few years and dark entities ghosting me every evening,
it is not fun.
Two yrs ago I encountered an individual
who stalked me physically and astrally.
Satish helped in removing this lower dark forms of energies around me.
And helped me sleep again after two years!
For almost two years I suffered from constant panic attacks,
and ghostings, waking up out of breath every 2 am!
This entity was literally trying to possess my body and spirit
to the point, I was being physically raped every night!
I tried everything smudging, salt baths, lime baths,
you name it every single cleansing detox ritual I did!
But I was blessed enough to have Satish assist in this major healing and
after seeing Satish two months ago, the entities left and are truly gone!
I slept well finally for the first time that evening I went home
after my healing session with Satish!!
I can honestly say that my energetic space feels clear, clean
and free for the first time in two years!
Thank you to you my dearest friend Satish
for this gift of healing, you have bestowed on me on that blessed day!
I can finally sleep with no sleeping pills and
I feel safe and secure that
the dark entities are completely gone from my life,
my energetic space, my body forever! Thank you
I can share other experiences of healing,
but it will require a book to write it all up.”

“Although I had sought healing and
spiritual wisdom in a number of ways before meeting Satish,
I did not know what to expect,
as I had heard such great things about him and his work.
My fears and expectations were immediately met with ease and
a powerful yet calm presence that is Satish.
I fortunately allowed myself to truly open up and
pour out my deeply rooted fears and blocks.
One by one, and as a collective whole,
Satish was able to broaden my view of these things and
open me up to my truest beauty and goodness.
Our session continued in a most natural way.
I was moved to tears by the releasing of my insecurities and
the words that I repeated that I hadn’t realized could be said and
meant by me and feel so good and true.
Upon leaving our session,
I was not surrounded by white light levitating
as someone completely different as so happens in the movies,
but something much more gradual and meaningful happened.
I was recovered since I was there the whole time.
From that moment, I have been able to see more clearly.
From that session,
my life has shifted into pure inspiration and positivity.
All of the things that were negative and draining in my life
just so happened to remove themselves.
I have become mighty in all of my endeavors and
am seeing myself as the beautiful woman that I am.
I am so grateful to Satish and
look forward to the next time our paths do cross.”
Love, Emily Rose Perlin

“This wonderful man is a true healer,
my experience with him is nothing short of amazing.
I have been privileged to have attended six, weekend healing retreats and
two 7 day retreats that Satish presented.
I have never felt a more complete sense of self, calm and well being.
Satish has also had sessions with all of my children.
They still talk about the wonderful release let go and
the overall experience they have had with him.
I am so blessed to have found such a spiritual,
authentic in-tuned human being.
May we all be so fortunate.
I cannot express enough gratitude
for the depth that Satish has given my family and
for how he has elevated our world to a better place.
I thank the universe for such a special soul.”
Patricia Taylor

“Time with Satish is stepping into space,
not outer space but deep inner space, and feeling completely safe.
Satish creates the spaciousness for me to breathe and to BE,
to truly BE ME.
On his table, he reintroduces me to some of the most potent,
natural and true aspects of my being.
My body and mind are lifted up from their burdens and pains.
All this he does with grace and love and the touch of an angel.
The Satish experience is not to be missed.
If you feel called, jump in. You will not be disappointed.
The beauty and power of your inner cosmos await.”
Karesa Bullock, Massage Therapist, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I don't even think I can put into words
how amazing Satish and his healing is, but I will try my best.
The impact it has had on my life is unmeasurable.
He has helped me get through some really rough times in my life.
Times where I felt broken and numb.
My mind, body, and soul after seeing him each time
feels like a billion stars radiating.
He has been able to shed light on my childhood and
other things I've held onto.
He's helped heal my body,
I'm most certain my cyst on my wrist is nearly gone
because of his healing touch.
He has a way of knowing that is indescribable.
His wisdom is so deep and pure, and having just a moment with him
will open your mind, body, and soul to depths
you'd never dream you'd be able to do.
Honestly, I wish I saw him more.
He has also helped my Mother which I'm so grateful for as well.
I will forever be grateful for having Satish and his healing enter my life.
I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't happened when it did.
Thank you, Satish from the bottom of my heart and soul.
You are the brightest of lights shedding light
on all of the darkness that hides the true light beneath.”
Samantha Avery, Filmmaker, Los Angeles

“I met Satish through my sister after she had brain surgery.
She gifted me a visit to him on my 30th birthday.
My life changed in many ways since my first visit.
That first visit I fell into a sleep-like trance when we were talking.
His energy is palpable and so relaxing
my body instantly responded by going into extreme calm.
We have been doing body work ever since and
no matter how long I go without seeing Satish,
I always feel welcome when I return.
I leave his visits feeling like a new person, I take his advice daily.
I’m not kidding when I say I repeat stories he has told me
to myself throughout my work days, my holidays,
when I’m just lounging around,
sometimes feeling not so good about myself.
Satish has helped me to see myself in a different way and
has helped me to manifest many things in my life.
I have learned to trust the universe because of Satish.
I see beauty in otherwise normal objects. I remember to breathe.
He has been a leader in my lifelong search for personal freedom,
I cannot thank him enough for simply being him.”
Josie Day, Television and Live Events Production, Los Angeles

“My family and I have been having sessions with Satish
over many, many years.
When my cousin first recommended Satish,
she said, “just go, you’ll see.”
I did go: I do see.
His work, energy healing, is a little beyond words.
One thing I can say for sure is that
I ALWAYS leave Satish feeling better than when I arrived.
Each session has been a unique experience for me,
some more intense than others.
During a couple of sessions,
I relived, what could have been, past life deaths.
I experienced three separate scenarios, in a dreamlike state,
set in three distinct centuries, in three distinct locations on the planet,
in three distinct cultures.
What they had in common is
a tremendous voyeuristic experience of intense pain,
and in the end being drawn to white light and the pain lifting away.
If you have the opportunity to work with Satish,
just go, you’ll see.
Beth Stiller

“I have known my master Satish for 20 years now!
He has changed my life!
He took me out of a terrible situation with no prospects
when I first met him and with the help of his angels
brought me to my rightful place!
Then he has healed every area of my life that I can imagine!
I am who I am today because of my master Satish!
I owe him my success, I owe him my happiness,
I owe him such gratitude that words cannot measure!
He saved my grandmother's life
when the doctor said the end has come!
His abilities as a psychic, as a Healer,
as a master of all Masters are Beyond Compare!
And I have been around psychics all my life!
I walk this Earth with pride because
I have this amazing psychic healing master in my life!
I don't know why I am so blessed?
But I do know one thing when I have a crisis in my life
I am not afraid because I know that my master is with me!
When I have trouble either with me or my family members,
I know there is a way out of fear
through his amazing guidance and Clarity.
I am always certain that my dear Master Satish can help!
When my family members are in a situation of need,
he never gives up on them
until all is healed and in balance
and for that I am and will be eternally grateful!
He is the light of our life!”
Dr. Ariela E. Calder, C.Ht.
Doctor of Esoteric Studies, San Francisco

“I was referred to Satish by a dear friend of mine
who had wonderful things to say about Satish and
his ability to help heal people.
I couldn’t agree more with her.
Satish helped me at my lowest of lows
while I was experiencing depression, anxiety
and a significant amount of physical pain.
I’ve never met such an empathetic person as Satish.
My one-hour appointments became 3 hours
due to the amount of healing I needed.
And Satish wouldn’t charge me a dime more.
I will forever be grateful for all that you’ve done for me Satish,
you’re a true gem.”
Astghik Zhamkochyan

“Life is not for the meek,
and during those tough times we need a healing space.
A space to vent, share, cry, be completely vulnerable and honest,
Satish has created that space. This man is the real deal!
We are soooo fortunate to have him in our backyard and available to us.
He lives his life in total Trust and union with the Divine.
You can’t give what you don’t have,
his tank is full and ready to give, always.

He is a fierce healer.
His words have the tendency to pierce your veil of falsities
and wake you up!
He has said things to me 5 years ago and
they still ring true and guide me today!
He’s a gentle soul yet fierce and strong.
This is what you want in a healer.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magic wand
but there is such a thing as magic hands.
Hands that heal, this is one of Satish’s many gifts.
When we are in deep pain or just the stresses of life in general,
this energy gets stuck in our body causing us to not be as healthy,
energetic, and creative as we are meant to be.
Satish knows how to get this stress out of our body and
reactivate the bodies own healing system and opens up the meridians.
Watch out, you will be energized!

I recently had a session,
luckily my crisis time is over and
I went in just because I felt a little unmotivated and tired.
I knew I needed a tune up.
His bodywork session left me full of yawns because
I had re-connected with my body but the next day and days after,
I was FULL of energy, enthusiasm, love, joy and
it helped me to re-commit to my meditation practice.
(My heart felt so open, best feeling in the world.)
I could go on and on, but just go check it out for yourself.
He’s the real deal, and if you have no crisis,
just go for the body work.
It’s the most incredible and meaningful healing you’ll ever receive.

P.S Some healers charge a small fortune,
because he’s the real deal, his prices are extremely fair.”

Jill Thomas

“A friend of mine recommended Satish to me
during a turbulent time in my life.
I was skeptical and hesitant at first,
mainly because I'm not a believer in "healers" and
know there are lots of people that claim to be things that they aren't.
I'm so happy I didn't let my skepticism get in the way of seeing Satish.
He has transformed me and my life in more ways than I ever imagined.
He is the real deal and has made me into a believer.
Satish is a gift from the universe and
he intends to help as many people as he can, no strings attached.
He is my Yoda, and has enriched my life in countless ways,
with his knowledge, wisdom and extraordinary healing capabilities.
If you are fortunate enough to see Satish,
you will not regret it.”
Layla, Los Angeles

“When I saw Satish in June 2017,
it was at the suggestion of a friend.
I was blocked, she said, and I knew she was onto something.
It was as if a giant rock sat in my path,
and there was no getting around it.
I had been dutifully meditating
ten minutes every morning for some time,
but it wouldn't go away.
How do I change that? I asked her.
She said I could try and relax the space between my eyes,
but that I really should go see Satish.
Satish? I rolled the name around in my mouth.
It gave me a warm feeling,
like breakfast in pajamas while it rains outside.
Yes, if just the name gave me that feeling,
I was excited to see what the man could do.
I arrived at his front door a few days later,
as slightly nervous as anyone would be trying something new.
I wasn't sure if he would be touching me,
or what that would look like if he did.

He was standing outside, a smile on his face.
I felt immediately welcome.
He led me inside his clean, cozy home (shoes off, of course).
For all the meditation, yoga and acupuncture I had done,
I had never been to a healer.
I took in the massage table with my eyes,
as Satish gently led me to a couch to sit down.
All I had to do was sit down and talk!
I could easily do that, and I did.
After about twenty or thirty minutes of filling him in
on what was going on,
he said it was now time to do some bodywork.
I felt very comfortable at this prospect.
He has a extremely calming energy about him.
He worked on me and worked on me.
I'm not sure exactly how long I was there,
but it was a long time,
and he worked on me until it was done.
It was all very gentle, and I felt comfortable the entire time.
When I left, the rock was gone.
More weight than that was gone too,
the weight I didn't even know
I'd been carrying around my whole life (or lives).

After the session, things began to fall into place.
The man I was in love with asked me to marry him,
and we soon found out we were pregnant.
Everything I doubted in myself has lifted more every day.
This man Satish is the real deal.
I am so excited to go back to him pregnant,
so that he can bless this child inside.
Thank you, Satish, for doing what you were put on this planet to do!”

Kate, Santa Monica

“ I have had the pleasure of working with Satish for the past ten years.
He has transformed my life in many ways
that I never knew could be possible.
He has guided me to unlock my inner self and
grow abundantly in my personal and professional life.
He has taught me the foundations of meditation and deep breathing,
and I am so blessed to have been able to come to his space
to receive healing sessions from him.
He is a master at his work and dedicated to helping others.
I consider him my teacher but also a loving kind and sincere friend.
He truly is a magical person with the most beautiful heart,
and I am so lucky to be able to receive healing sessions from him. ”
Gina Assouad, Interior Designer, Los Angeles

“Over the past five years, I have transformed
from a person suffering with high stress and
bouts of depression and anxiety
to a woman full of grace, joy, courage, and inner confidence.
Satish has been a beacon of light, always there to guide me home.
Through his teachings, I have a greater connection with my intuition and
a greater understanding of my self.
Thank you, dear Satish! I will see you again before I move.”
Many blessings! Lynn. B

“I just wanted to let you know
how great I've been feeling since our session.
It's incredible how lightly i take everything and
I haven't argued or been bitter with anyone.
Instead, I feel happy just to be doing whatever it is that i am doing.
I never thought that one session with you -
where I don't even talk much - could help heal me.
I have no idea what you did, or how you did it, but I'm truly thankful.
I keep waiting to have a bad day,
to have tears just stream down my face
for no good reason as my day goes, but it doesn't happen...
I think that's why I waited so long to email you.
I kept thinking,
'okay, I'll go back to my usual sob session as I drive,
or when i get home'
but I'm convinced that those feelings will be gone for some time.
I even tried to think of things that would usually upset me,
and I don't know why it is,
but I can't remember get myself to remember everything,
it's as if those things are no longer important enough
to occupy the space in my head.
I really don't know how you did it, but I'm truly grateful to you.
I keep the stone that I chose on my keychain,
I like to have it near me because
it reminds me of the sheer comfort and
serenity I felt at your healing space.
It reminds me that everything will be okay,
and I can just hear your words over and over again in my mind,
and it soothes me.
I wish you lots of health and happiness,
and I would just like you to know how much you've changed me.
It's nice to know that someone is there to hear me out,
and knowing that I can be fixed.
I will be sure to come back again,
I know I have a few more areas I'd like to work on.
Once again, I sincerely thank you for all that you did...”
Love, S. R

“I wanted to share with you how your words and energy
has stayed with me since our last meeting.
I am trying not to take things so damn seriously and
I feel more centered.
I have been practicing more silence.
It was a real wake up call coming to you.
I basically think and feel you are one of the most awesome people
I have ever met.
I deeply admire the service and love
that you and Susanna are providing for so many people.
It's truly incredible.
You're so filled with love, it seems to melt away everything else.
You make me laugh and laughter is a huge part of who I am.
I felt it was important to share with you
my deep gratitude and love for you.
You're a teacher and a friend to myself and my whole family.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you. Love and Light”
Tiffany N.

“Satish is a gifted and a powerful healer.
He has an ability to help people feel better fast.”
Paul McKenna, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Trainer

“If I were to comment on EVERYTHING that I received
from only 2 readings...
I would use the entire website.
So I am going to keep it short and sweet.
I have always known "cerebrally" the power and the light
that I have inside of me despite any pains or
addictions that I have experienced.
When I finish talking to Satish...(a living angel)...
I not only know my possibilities...I can feel them.
I am eternally grateful for that.”

“One of the first things I experienced was
a huge increase in physical energy.
As a cancer patient since 1998, fatigue has been my constant companion.
I was and continue to be amazed at how light my feet are these days.
I can accomplish so much more with so much less effort.
What a joy it is!
Part of the energy comes from a renewed feeling of enthusiasm for life -
also something I haven't felt for years.
It seems that I have stepped up to a new level of clarity
about what's important and
what I need to do to accomplish the goals I choose.
This has contributed to a new hope for the future and
a belief that perhaps, after all, I can succeed.
It has been very revealing and helpful
to identify both the places where I was stuck
and the means to move on.
I feel a sense of optimism that I haven't experienced in a very long time.
I feel happy! And the best part is that I continue to feel "up."
The good feelings don't stop.
Thank you so much for making such a huge difference in my life.”
C.Farkas, CPA

“I went in somewhat skeptical.
Satish's work convinced me of the validity of his gift and expertise.
From the moment he touched my foot, I felt energy rush through my body.
I came to Satish, suffering from a heavy and long term case of the blues
that neither self help, nor prayer remedied.
Weeks after my session with Satish, I still feel lighter, happier.
Now when I think about my future I feel true optimism.
I realize that being led to him was the answer to my true prayer.
Thank you Almighty God and
thank you Satish for being a conduit for that energy.”
Shana Love, Administrative Assistant

“Being diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and Agoraphobia,
my world became so small only consisting of my home and work.
I was amazed with the transformation my life took
during and after that first visit with Satish.
Thank you for giving my life back to me! what an incredible experience!”

“During my first consultation with Satish,
I felt as though I was really being heard.
I felt as though I had been invited to tea by a close friend
who wanted to help.
Through our conversation, we isolated what it was
that we were to focus on during the healing session of energy work.
By keying into a specific memory,
we located where I was holding this memory physically in my body,
and then worked to release the pain from the body energetically.
I felt an immediate sense of freedom after my initial sessions with Satish.
This healing has enabled me to grow
to a new level of peacefulness with myself.
I would recommend anyone who carries pain and
wants to let go of it to work with Satish”
Stephanie Leevan, Yoga teacher

“Nervousness around exams had kept me back.
With Satish's support
I was able to remain 100% clear, focused and grounded,
enabling me to achieve amazing exam results”
S.H, Acupuncturist

“Satish is one of those extremely rare and beautiful enlightened beings
that you may read or hear about but never actually meet in a lifetime.
I have been blessed to cross his path and
receive his profound healing energies
which have completely changed my life
from one based on fear and crisis to one of unconditional love and joy.
I am now pursuing new paths that I never thought possible”
William Neil Hirsch, Voice-Over Actor

“Working with Satish has been a deeply transforming experience.
It has been a portal into states of being and
a 'Silence' that I never imagined.
His love and light are like the mountain and the sun,
ever present and shedding light on this journey we call life”

“I have been transformed into the person I want to be.
He has such a great sense of intuition and sincere honesty.
He has helped me remember my dreams...
each time I left the healing space,
I felt one step closer to my true self,
one step closer to the home within me...Thank you, Satish”
A.W, Massage therapist

“Satish is loving, compassionate, gentle and
confident in his healing work...
his session with me had a real calming effect.”
Randy Jaffe

“As a yoga teacher and a student of energy healing,
I have encountered many teachers and healers.
The loving, generous and powerful energy that Satish emanates
is unique and of high spiritual quality.
I had a healing with him at a time
when I was overwhelmed with work and extremely fatigued.
The wisdom he gave and the energy healing itself
is still ( almost a year later ) helping me.
Satish's workshop on energy healing
increased my knowledge of using subtle energies and
after four weekends of studying with him, I was full of energy and joy.
I have been able to tap into a deeper source of prana since then,
and it has helped me as a teacher on many levels.
I consider Satish an authentic teacher/healer,
something rare and special.”
Sydney Coale Light, Yoga teacher

“Satish allows you to empty all the unnecessary stuff,
leaving room for miracles to appear.”

“I must express my gratitude for your healing.
While I anticipate my needing more of our visits before
I am able to feel this way all the time.
I now realize the way it feels to not carry
all of the fear and negative energy
I have been grasping on to for so long.
This feeling is a gift and I have you to thank for giving it to me.
I wish you many blessings Satish.
I felt your goodness the moment I entered your space.
Thank you for sharing your light with me.”
Sincerely, Hansa Prasad

“Satish is a rare individual,
his enlightening being radiates powerful, gentle love.
His guidance on my spiritual journey has been a blessing.”
Marlies H

“I came to work with Satish
because I was preparing to take a Licensing Examination
for Chinese Medicine and Herbology early this year(2003).
This was my third attempt.
I wanted nothing more than
to be able to practice Traditional Medicine in California.
It had taken 5 and a half years of my resourceful energies
to navigate through that master's program and
run a vending food business at the same time.
I had done the work.
Alas, I was still doing the work two years after graduation!
When One fails, one is face to face with the enemy: self-doubt.

Living in the realm of 'Potential'
I wanted to hear
a promise that someone could help me navigate
through a mental and spiritual block
that was preventing me from achieving my goal.
When I met Satish, I understood and knew that he could help me.
This is a man whose voice I could hear and listen to.
I felt safe. I was home to finish my work at last!

Unhurried, this master listened to the minute nuances
that hung over my being whenever we met.
I operate a business
where noise, trivia, and pollution hang like a palpable crust.
Satish helped me sort through that morass and
distill only what was necessary for me
to take along to the examination.
I can clearly recount how Satish specifically helped me
to hone my ability to intuit my surroundings,
see the silver lining in every dark cloud.
How did he do that?
With a simple generosity of spirit and kindness.
He honored me with his time,
when he listened to my heart and feelings.
When he was able to hear the underlying unspoken worries and
inner quarrels behind what was going on in my day.
Until together we were able to put my negatives aside so I could rest.
You see, it was not what I knew because I knew a lot.
It was about how I ultimately would sit that exercise.
It surprised me that these long and difficult
examinations are just necessary motions, a way of measure.
And I was able to have fun and play through the fear,
instead of empowering that fear
that had made itself comfortable in my body and mind.
This is how I passed the hardest credential examination in America:
The California Acupuncture Board Exam.

Thank you, dear Satish.
Because you are a tender, gentle spirit,
I could listen and learn to enact on your stillness and kindness.
And, I could learn to focus and
take my time through 7 and half hours straight, non-stop.
With gratitude in my heart...”
Maria Locsin, Acupuncturist

“I cant's say thanks enough for Satish.
I don't have the exasperating feeling anymore
when I have contact with those giving off negative energy
and when I have conversations and someone is negative, I am calm.
Thank you again so much.”
Patricia Ackerman, Real Estate

“I wanted to say thank you for my experience with you.
I do feel lighter and more peaceful after our session.
There is a definite change.
I look forward to seeing you again
when we are down there in the future.”
Lili P, Canada

“... A wonderful soothing experience.”
Bruce Royer, Laguna Beach

“Working with Satish has been a completely 'opening' experience.
I say this because during our sessions
he has helped me to literally break through blockages inside me,
opening up channels to possibilities not previously available.
He has the unique ability to both see where a blockage exists
and the tools to break open the gate,
allowing people to reach their full potential
in the areas, they need the most help.
For me personally, the new 'opening' has allowed
for the visualization of expanding my family,
which did not exist previously.”
Erik Neldner, Photographer, Los Angeles

“I was referred to Satish by a friend
who didn't fully explain what Satish does.
I was ready for an experience and was happy to find a kind man
who is insightful, compassionate, wise
and who I felt very comfortable with.
In my sessions, Satish listened as I talked
and helped to put the focus on what issues I needed to address.
The healing sessions always take me to a very deep level of relaxation.
Many times I've had new awareness
and felt the release of tension in my body.
I always leave Satish's healing space with a big smile on my face,
a new perspective and renewed enthusiasm for life.
And I always enter Satish's, happy to be there for my next experience.”
Bernadette Luckett

“I decided to have an energy healing with Satish
because of the lightness and warmth, I felt in his presence.
It was as if he had known me for years.
In fact, whenever I am around Satish,
I feel the unnecessary weight being lifted from my shoulders.
My energy healing with Satish was utterly transformative.
So many awesome, positive, miraculous changes have occurred
in the twelve months since my energy healing with Satish
that I know it is not mere coincidence.
Satish helped me realize that I am ready for love
and we unblocked some of my most stubborn patterns.
The result was a gradual but steady opening of my heart,
until now it feels like it is bursting with love and gratitude!
I am hoping to see Satish
for another magical, transformative energy healing
and highly recommend him to anyone who is interested
in transforming old patterns into new and exciting territories.”
Judy Sue Kushner, Legal Administrator, Artist

“One of my experiences I had with Satish
came at a time when I had lost my father.
I felt emotionally and spiritually congested, and no way for release.
I had felt that something in the passing of him was still weighed me down.
I had come to terms with his passing due to his suffering and
was grateful he no longer was in that state.
I was fortunate that I had spent a lot of time with him and saying goodbye.
I had seen a therapist for emotional work,
but I needed something to help me with the spiritual part of me
that is deep inside one's soul.
When the session began, I was honestly, a bit skeptical.
I felt so much at ease as we sat and drank tea,
and discussed my feelings.
Then we started what I'd call a meditation session.
What happened during the session was
such a powerful and emotional learning revelation.
Once I was out of what I'll call a deep meditation,
I felt relaxed, refreshed and so much at peace.
It was quite a spiritual journey and one I'll never forget.
I liked being able to discuss with Satish what had happened,
things that I saw, emotional outpouring and
the understanding I received through this process.
It was like a puzzle that had been put together.
I felt very much at peace.
That was just one experience, but one closest to my heart.
I had wonderful experiences with our sessions.”
Mitch Leverton, Manager @ Clothing Store, Valencia, CA

“Hello, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you
how much I enjoyed meeting you.
You are such a gracious gentleman and
made me feel safe and comfortable in your healing space.
I feel so nourished by the way you work which is
psychological, philosophical, metaphysical
dealing with spirit, emotion, energy which affects everything else
in a downward progression.
I came home and felt happier and more energized.
I felt like I could suddenly remember
things I wanted to do and to get moving on them.

I felt freer, and more at home in my body.
I am practicing what you taught me,
being mindful of the Hara point as grounding center,
connecting the heart center with this center,
working on my breathing.
Thank you also for the gift of the rose quartz heart.
That was such a lovely gesture.
I will keep it with me in my pocket to make my heart strong.

My knees have felt better today!
They are not cold and painful as they were that day,
and my spirit feels lighter,
like I have less things attached trying to drag it down.
While the acid reflux and throat pain is
still something I have to deal with,
I feel released from that woman’s machinations and
intrusions into my life.

I feel very glad the way you treat the frightened child in me and
help it to stand up and feel safe and strong.
I look forward to seeing you when you return from your trip.”


“I have had healing sessions, counseling and
participated in a healing workshop with Satish.
The sessions are calming, cleansing and rejuvenating.
I love the visit, and the benefits are astounding.
After a healing session, I have much-improved body function,
enjoy the clarity and a great sense of inner peace.
I look forward to our sessions together.
The energy healing workshop was to investigate my healing potential.
I learned a great deal and experienced fantastic energies and
natural rhythms of the earth and the universe.
I recommend Satish every time healing is mentioned in Conversation.”
Shane O'Donnell, Photographer, Hawthorne, CA

“Satish's work greatly assisted me in getting through
a very tough emotionally wrenching time.
He helped me to let go of a great deal of negative energy and
anger that I was holding on to.
I was also able to release some painful memories from my childhood,
that I didn't realize were still affecting me.
He created a safe and totally compassionate environment and
each session which was unique and profound.
I found that I was able to be completely honest with him and
I always felt supported and protected.
He has a generosity of spirit that I have never before encountered,
and I believe that as a healer, he is truly gifted.
I am now in a better place in my life and
I would recommend his work to anyone who truly wants
to get to the heart of the matter and is committed to their own healing.”

“I first started working with Satish
after the idea had been suggested to me
that a horrible chain of destructive events,
along with a series of severe nightmares
might actually be indicative of a malicious psychic attack.
I had had no experience whatsoever with that kind of thing in the past,
and was not only at a total loss
in understanding the workings of such things,
but was also very skeptical.
I was however in a lot of pain at that point,
and was willing to explore the possibilities.
These events had progressed over a couple of years,
and had culminated in the destruction of many aspects of my life.
My original intent in contacting Satish was
only to get a "second opinion"
as to if in fact I was experiencing the effects of dark forces.
Satish not only confirmed that it was true,
but also proceeded to give me so much insight
and information about my life, the lives of those involved,
and our relationships,
that I could not help but believe in the truth of his words.
At that point,
I decided to go ahead and start long distance healing with him.
I was on the other side of the country,
and my loved ones on the other side of the globe.
Satish was able to do an enormous amount of healing for us.
I was amazed at the very real presence of benevolent energy sensations
that felt in working with him at such a distance.
I was becoming so convinced at that point,
that I decided to travel to LA to have healing sessions,
and to take the Kriya Shakti course.
Satish's in person healing sessions were amazing.
He intuited things about me, and past life experiences
that I never could have imagined.
In fact I was at first unsure that reincarnation even existed.
I never imagined that I would ever do a past life regression,
but it seemed to be the next step.
Satish gently guided me through a process that was so undeniably real,
that I was left with no other option but to believe in it.
The knowledge that I gained from the experience
helped me to understand many aspects of the situation
that I had found myself in,
as well as many experiences that I had had throughout my life.
The Kriya Shakti course was also wonderful.
New to understanding energy work,
and struggling with my own healing at the time,
I found myself in a beautiful healing environment of safety.
I was connected with a group of lovely people
in a journey of self-discovery,
and discovery of "the mysterious" nature of energy.
The outcome was transforming.
I have continued to work with Satish
long distance for several months since then,
and am now seeing the results of his healing work and
the empowerment that he has given us
manifesting in our lives in very big ways.
Thanks to his knowledge, ease and ability in connecting
with the higher powers and healing energies in the universe,
we are all experiencing great healing and protection in our lives.
I found Satish at a point in my life
where my heart had been broken so wide open
that all I could do was cry out to my God for help
with the utmost of passion.
God answered my prayers by
connecting me with a truly masterful healer.”
R K Lewis, Artist

“Satish goes straight to the heart of who you are.
He sees where you're at,
then gently guides you toward your highest potential.
The healing takes place both in the session and beyond,
as you re-align your consciousness and energies towards positive growth.”
Nicole Maestas, Economist, Los Angeles

My name is Liuba, I am from Russia.
I went to Satish yesterday for the first time.
I came to him with complain about my leg muscles
hurting me every night for the last 5 years. I couldn't sleep.
After only one session, I slept the night like a baby!
I forgot about my legs!!! Thank you, Satish, Sooooo much!!!

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